EPOTRONIC - Software - LiDAR360: Post-processing training

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EPOTRONIC - Software - LiDAR360: Post-processing training... mehr
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EPOTRONIC - Software - LiDAR360: Post-processing training


This English-language training by a staff member from Germany offers you a practical introduction to the GreenValley LiDAR360 post-processing software.


·        Basics: Initial data viewing and inspection, measuring and cutting tools

·        Point cloud classification: normalisation, machine learning, height above ground

·        Terrain modelling: DSM/DEM, TIN and contour generation

General Information

Possible training locations by arrangement. Travel and catering allowances as well as any ascent permits must be charged separately.

There are no additional costs for online training.

1x  Softwarelizenz für LiDAR360: Post-processing training... mehr

1x  Softwarelizenz für LiDAR360: Post-processing training


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